Best Christmas Lights Design

During Christmas time, people like to show their love for the season by engulfing every inch of their homes with awesome Christmas light decorations. Whereas there are hundreds of Christmas light designs you could adopt for your home, here are some of the best light designs you will never go wrong with-:

Classic Holiday Christmas Light Designs

These designs adopts classic white Christmas lights placed on the windows and on the yard and extending all the way to the roofs where it terminates into an extra large star. Christmas trees, reindeers, snowmen, peppermints and jingle bells can be added to the yard to complete the classic looks.

Roof Displays 

Instead of using decorative and inflatable accessories, simply use the power of pure lighting and this is what roof display Christmas lighting is all about. With this design, the entire roof is covered in a layer of lights with matching icicles dropping along the roof edges. The design is simple unbelievably vibrant and extravagant

Caribbean Color Lights Design

These designs are popular with Caribbean homeowners where they add unexpected brightness to their homes by using decorative Christmas lights in the yard. Bright LED or neon lights are used right in front of the main door with Christmas puppets, giant ornaments and inflatable scattered throughout the yard.

Inviting Entryway

As the name suggests, Christmas lights are used to create beautiful and inviting entryways into homes or houses. The display doesn’t sound very outrageous, but the homeowners can use it to create an enchanting entryway with blue lights and icicles threaded to each other and on all the windows.

Eye Catching Neon 

Using nontraditional Christmas colors is known to create the most eye catching displays during the festive seasons. By simply using neon purple lights together with the classic reindeer figures, candy canes, and inflatable Santa, you can create bold hues which will automatically stand out in the entire neighborhood.