Landscape Lighting Installation

Landscapes Are Even More Beautiful at Night

You have done everything to make your house and yard look topnotch. So why leave all of your hard work in the dark at night when you can have automated strategically placed landscape lights create a beautiful display at night? Properly designed and installed, landscape lighting will bring out the best of all of your hard work by accenting your property’s architectural features and drawing particular attentions to your favorite plants and areas.

Landscape Lighting can create an inviting feel to your sitting areas, provide safety for you and your pets, and set a stunning backdrop whether you are relaxing outside or just enjoying a glass of wine from the comfort of your living room.

Not Sure Where to Start From?

Just share your ideas with one of our designers at MIK Solutions and we will bring them to live. You are not sure where to start? Don't worry we can bring our demonstration lights to inspire you with a full preview of what your lights will look like. Feel free to grab them and move them around as you please. You will be surprised how things will transform under the light. 

Have a Budget?

Working with a budget is not a problem. We can customize your lighting to fit any budget. In addition, our lighting systems are easily expandable and can be planned and implemented in multiple stages. Just share your goals and we at MIK Solutions will for hard to help you achieve them. 

12 Volt Low Voltage vs 120 Volt Landscape Lighting System

Almost all landscape lighting systems today are low voltage. Low voltage lighting is much safer than traditional 120 volt lighting and it is much more cost efficient to install. Low voltage landscape lighting is more than ten times more energy efficient. It can achieve all of the desired effects from up-lighting the façade of your home or business, accenting walkways with glare-free pathway lights to  highlighting ponds and waterfalls with underwater lights, and much more.


How Does a Low Voltage Landscape Lighting System Work?

 A low voltage lighting system uses a transformer to reduce the voltage from your outlet from 120volt to 12volts. There is a variety of light bulbs from halogen to LED that determine the brightness, color, and beam spread of the outdoor lights. Landscape lights come in different shapes and sizes depending on the desired use and light effect. Each fixture uses a stake or mounting hardware to hold the light in the ground or attach it to a surface. Special waterproof connectors are used to connect each light to the transformer.