How to Disgn Outdoor Lighting?

Designing an outdoor lighting system is not as simple as one may think. Buying some lighting and putting them into the ground will not achieve the same beautiful effect as professionally designed outdoor lighting system.

Our designers and technicians at MIK Solutions, use multiple lighting techniques to illuminate the most beautiful features of your property and landscape. Here are some landscape and outdoor lighting design techniques:

Uplighting – Uplighting is the most popular lighting technique for illuminating the front façade of your home of business. Positioning the lights two to four feet away from the walls and aiming them at the right angle highlights the texture and color of the façade creating stunning luxury after dark.

. Spotlighting – Spotlighting is used to create focal points by drawing particular attention to trees, bushes, statues, and flags.

Pool Lighting – There are various lights used around your pool that will make your back yard your favorite spot. Illuminating trees and landscape behind the pool extend your outdoor spaces. Installing underwater lights in water features such as fountains, waterfalls, and ponds create dream-like water scenes using the natural movement of water under the effect of light.

Shadowing – Shadowing is an outdoor lighting technique where lights are pointed at trees, bushes, and other plants in a way that their shadows are beautifully projected on front facades.

Pathway Lighting – Pathway Lights illuminate sidewalks, flowerbeds, and walkways while adding a hint of attentions to plant beds and boulders. Outdoor lights also prevent accidents from tripping and falling due to dark pathways and stairs.

Deck Lighting – Deck Lights illuminate beautiful structures as well as the area around. Outdoor deck lights can be installed on Pergolas, Gazebos, and Decks to illuminate them at night.

Event Lighting – Event Lighting will add an astonishing backdrop to make your special occasion even more special and unforgettable. Adding professional lighting will add dramatic atmosphere to weddings, graduation parties, quinceaneras, or any special events.

Christmas Lighting – Christmas Lighting and Décor create an unforgettable holiday spirit for your friends, family, employees, and customers.