Beautiful Exterior Lights For Your Home & Garden.

Our garden lights make the difference.

How to Position Garden Lights?

GARDEN LIGHTS bring out the beauty and charm of your landscape guaranteed to make it more beautiful at night than any time during the day. We offer multiple high quality brass and copper low voltage and LED fixtures.
We design and install LED lighting systems depending on the desire of our customers. Whether you only want your whole house to be lit up or just have a comfortable and inviting outdoor space to entertain all your guests, we are proud to say that we take this into account and provide you a design for your outdoor lighting that fits your own unique personality. Our dedicated team works closely together with our customers to design and install the system that would exceed your highest expectations. 

2 Most Popular Garden Lights

The most popular GARDEN LIGHTS are spot lights and pathway lights. Spot lights are used to illuminate trees, tall plants, pergolas, gazebos, fountains, statues, and other structures. Spot lights are also referred to as bullet lights or up lights. They are usually installed in the ground using a reinforced stake. They come in different color, brightness, and angle. The most popular color for garden lights is warm white LED 2700K. The brightness of the spot light is also adjusted based on the height of the object being illuminated. Different angle bulbs are used in garden lights to properly accent wide surfaces or tall objects.  

How to Position Your Spot Lights?

SPOT LIGHTS are ideal for creating centerpieces and beautiful backdrops. It is best to pick the best looking plants and distribute light evenly throughout the yard. Illuminating plants further out in the yard gives the yard depth. Lighting is the best way to make your garden more beautiful, safe, and inviting at night. Our designers at MIK Solutions will guide you through the design process to make sure you achieve the desired effect and more. They can bring demonstration lights at dusk and turn them on to help you visualize how everything will look before it is installed.  

How to Use Pathway Lights?

PATHWAY LIGHTS are very popular garden lights. They are ideal for illuminating flowerbeds, stonework, pathways, stairs, driveways, and other small plants in the yard. Placing one on each side of the walkway by the front door creates a beautiful and inviting entrance. They can be placed parallel on each side of pathways or in a diagonal pattern. Pathway lights are great in flowerbeds next to small plants and will make any color vibrant and eye catching. Our pathway lights beautifully illuminate a wide area of 8-12ft in diameter compared to 1-5ft of our lower quality competitors.   

Pathway or Mushroom Lights?

Pathway lights are also referred to as area lights, mushroom, or down lights. So Pathway and Mushroom lights are essentially the same. They are usually installed in the ground using a reinforced stake. Our pathway lights at MIK Solutions come with white ceramic coating under plate providing plenty of even illumination that will not leave you in the dark. They come in different color and brightness. The most popular color for garden lights is warm white LED 2700K. The warm white 2700K provides a pleasant soft yellowish tone that is very similar to the traditional incandescent bulb without the high electricity consumption and hassle of changing bulbs all the time. The brightness of the pathway light is also adjusted based on the desired area being illuminated.

We think of your yard as a canvas and our goal is to paint it in the best possible light. The results will be nothing short of breathtaking.