Outdoor Lighting Design & Installation Process

Professional OUTDOOR LANDSCAPE LIGHTING adds beauty, character, and safety to your home.

Installing professional OUTDOOR LIGHTING will illuminate every occasion drawing particular attention to beautiful landscape elements allowing you to safely navigate and enjoy your outdoor spaces at night.

Accent uplighting creates dramatic scenes highlighting architectural features of your property and landscape that bring your outdoor living spaces to life.

Why are we the best OUTDOOR LIGHTING in Houston & Dallas?

Every property is unique and we pay particular attention to the features that are important to you.

Express who you are! Let us become the best solution when it comes to having excellent outdoor lighting design for your home or business. We are the leading provider of HIGH QUALITY LIGHTING for all of your outdoor living needs. We achieve professional results by using premium products, providing expert lighting design, and most of all superior installation. 

Why Professionally Installed vs DIY Outdoor Lighting?

Installing your own outdoor lighting can be more difficult, costly, and complex than anticipated. First, you need to ask yourself the following questions. Should I choose traditional halogen or LED bulbs for my outdoor lights? How many outdoor lights can I have on one circuit? What type of transformer should I use? How do I make a connection that will withstand the outdoor elements and constant landscape maintenance? How much does it cost to install external lights? Where do the wires go?

Our designers and technicians at MIK Solutions are here to educate and walk you through every single step of the process. We start with your vision and then design a custom outdoor lighting system that suits your needs and budget. 

How to Design Outdoor Lighting?

We identify the architectural and landscape features that are important to you and select uplighting and downlighting techniques that accent your landscape to provide beauty, character, and safety to your home or business. Well-lit walkways, stairways, and decks draw particular attention to beautiful landscape elements allowing you to safely navigate and enjoy your outdoor spaces at night. We can bring demonstration lights to your property and turn them on for you to visualize what the lights will look like once they are installed. Here at MIK Solutions we install high quality LED fixtures with option for LIFETIME WARRANTY - the longest manufacturer warranty in the industry.

Halogen vs LED Lights?

MIK Solutions advises all our customers to use light emitting diode (LED) outdoor lights. LED lights are the most energy efficient and longest lasting light bulbs currently on the market. Their average energy consumption is more than twenty times lower than a traditional incandescent bulb and more than seven times more efficient than a traditional halogen bulb. In addition, LED bulb’s life expectancy is around 40,000 hours compared to 1,000 hours for incandescent and 5,000 hours for halogen light bulbs. Our 2700K LED bulbs provide beautiful warm white illumination that looks like the traditional halogen without the hassle of constantly having to change bulbs out. 

How to Make your Home & Business Safer?

Outdoor lighting is one of the most important safety features for your home and workplace. Well-lit properties are much less likely to get burglarized. Your landscape lights can eliminate dark areas and hiding spots. They also greatly enhance the view of your home security camera systems. Outdoor lights also prevent accidents from tripping and falling due to dark pathways and stairs.

In addition, low voltage LED lighting systems have much lower temperature than traditional lighting systems therefore, keeping your property safe from hazardous fires.

Installing Outdoor Lighting Systems That Last

Using high quality fixtures and LED bulbs will get 60% of the work done for you. The rest will depend on the quality of the installation. You will need to know how many lights you can add on one line depending on the total amount of wattage, and the size of transformer. In addition, you will need to measure the voltage at each fixture to prevent high or low voltage causing your outdoor lights to burn out prematurely. And last but not least, you will need to use waterproof connectors that protect from shortages and rusting due to moisture. A bad connection is one of the most common causes of outdoor lights that stop working.

At MIK Solutions We Go The Extra Mile When it Comes to Outdoor Lighting. 

A professional installation is necessary to ensure a long lasting outdoor system. We measure the voltage at each fixture to ensure the life of your bulbs and carefully pick the transformer that is right for your system. In addition, we use waterproof connections with crimps that not only protect from moisture but will withstand accidental pulling and digging during planting and mulching. Moreover, we install PVC covers around the wires in areas where edging is done during regular yard maintenance. We also treat the bottom of each light stake for insects to prevent crawling into the fixtures and damaging them. Last, we offer yearly maintenance plans that will keep your outdoor system running like new for many years to come.

How to Increase The Value of Your Home Using Outdoor Lighting? 

Adding landscape lighting, garden lights, pathway lighting, hardscape lights, and underwater lighting can significantly improve the appearance of your home. Properly designed and installed lighting will magically transform your property and create an unforgettable WOW effect that is guaranteed to make an impression on your guests, neighbors, and future buyers if you ever decide to sell your property. 

Consult with a design professional from MIK Solutions to find the best lighting solutions to help increase the value of your property.