Led vs Halogen Outdoor Lighting

In the past the best choice for professional outdoor lighting was low voltage halogen lighting. LED lighting was underdeveloped and it lacked durability and color quality. The first LED lights on the market would break or fail shortly after purchase. In addition, they provided a cool white or bluish white color and lacked the necessary brightness to keep the home and landscape well lid.



Today LED lighting has become the preferred choice for outdoor and landscape lighting. Professional LED lights have greatly improved and became much more affordable. But buyers still need to be aware that there are many LED lights on the market that vary in quality. Many low cost stores sell low quality LED lights have poor color, brightness, and durability. The warranty is a great guide to determine the quality before buying. The typical low cost store LED garden light offers no more than 1-year warranty. This is not a good indicator for outdoor lights that are supposed to last for more than 10 years. This is why serious buyers should buy well-engineered, solid brass LED lights from a company like MIK Solutions. We use high quality LED lights with lifetime warranty on LED fixtures and LED bulbs.

What if you already have outdoor lighting with halogen bulbs, should you replace them?

 Absolutely! Upgrading your current fixtures to LED bulbs has many benefits. One of the biggest reasons is an 80% less electricity consumption. Our 5 watt LED bulb provides the same brightness and color output as a traditional 30 watt halogen bulb. This means that you can let your lights provide safety and beauty all night without having to worry about your electric bill.

In addition, traditional halogen bulbs last from 1000-4000 hours and our LED bulbs last 40,000 hours. This means you no longer have to deal with constantly having to change burned out light bulbs.

Also LED garden lights do not cause voltage drop. Halogen lights located further from the transformer experience voltage drops which causes some lights to shine brighter than others and shortens the life of the bulbs.